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Introducing Ally

I grew up in Hunua on a 350acre farm. I loved living in rural New Zealand and enjoyed the outdoors. I had many adventures and was left with the injuries to prove it. Although at the time, I jumped back up and kept running, in the long term I suffered the pain of layers of many injuries.

I have used natural medicine throughout most of my life. This helped with the pain and kept me healthy, without need for medications. In my search for help, I eventually found Cranio, in the form of a Cranial Osteopath. This was invaluable, especially for pain relief, for a back and neck injury and after giving birth to four children.


In 2013 I was encouraged to study Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), at Body intelligence, moving from a focus as a client to that of a practitioner. I was very unsure, but quickly realized I had found my niche. All my own experiences of injury and trauma and the Cranio following it, had been my real training ground and equipped me with inside knowledge.

On graduating in 2014, I joined Angela Wheeler’s team at her Pukekohe clinic, 'Inner Health'. I initially started with two days a week, so I could continue my landscaping business. But after a year, I felt called to practice Cranio full time and set up a second clinic at Clarks Beach.

In 2021, Angela moved onto a new therapy and offered me the opportunity of taking over 'Inner Health' Cranio clinic This has been an exciting shift for me. I chose to set up the clinic under the new name, 'Cranio Balance', as it clearly describes what I do. The new clinic remains at ‘The Villa’, 12 Wesley St, Pukekohe. We have a great team here and a good atmosphere, with our varied businesses meshing well together.

BCST – Cranio, has opened a whole new world for me. I feel very privileged to be a support for so many on their health journeys. Some clients only require a few sessions to resolve a sports injury or vertigo, for instance. Others have more long-term needs and so seek support to enable them to successfully run their businesses or lives: coping with both physical and emotional stresses.

The biggest acknowledgement I receive, are the number of families I treat, which in some instances span many generations. (In one case four!)
The compliment I value most, is when a client not only has an improvement in their symptoms, but also says that phrase “I am feeling more like myself again”. That is music to my ears.


Ally Andrew
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